Rochester’s Best Lakeside Restaurant!

Enjoy Rochester’s best lakeside restaurant! Located lakeside at 1000 N River St #123, Rochester, NY 14612, you’ll find California Rollin’ at the beautiful Port of Rochester!

Lunch, Dinner and late nite eats are all so much better when you’re hanging out with your friends at the waterfront. You can ask the team about our sushi or find a little more sushi info here. Nestled beside the Genesee River and the Ontario Beach Park, California Rollin’ is in the perfect spot to enjoy the water views and great food. Merging the traditional practice of sushi with current ingredients and flair, California Rollin’ offers you the best of both worlds. Join us throughout the summer! We feature live music with local and regional bands. See our event calendar. Enjoy the live entertainment at the outdoor stage as you dine, waterside.

Looking for another reason to enjoy the lakeside entertainment? You’ll have a blast with your friends and our staff at the California Rollin’ Tiki Bar!

The Most Tantalizing Sushi in Rochester, New York!

Baconator tempura shrimp sriracha cream cheese avocado bacon topped with crispy fried onions bacon and eel sauce

Americanized sushi has truly become a culinary phenomenon in Rochester, NY. At California Rollin’ we blend traditional Japanese sushi styles with American tastes and ingredients. The art of this creative fusion offers a style of cuisine that’s second-to-none! These flavors appeal to a wide range of tastes from young children to adults. California Rollin’ is so proud of our chefs for their talents in adapting Japanese Sushi “Food Art” to the American palette. These sushi textures and flavors reflect America’s famous cultural melting pot. Right here in Rochester, there are so many options and we enjoy serving our customers Rochester’s Favorite Sushi, at California Rollin’.

One of the hallmarks of Americanized sushi is its creativity with ingredients and presentation.

While traditional sushi focuses on simplicity and the natural flavors of fish and rice, Americanized sushi is bold with innovative combinations like avocado, cream cheese, spicy mayo. These additions create an explosion of flavor & texture, appealing to those accustomed to these unique tastes.

From the traditional Raw Sushi Rainbow Roll, (simple and elegant) to our very own “South of the Border” with shrimp, sriracha, bacon and jalapeno (BOLD!), our menu caters to all.

Our Americanized sushi even takes dietary preferences and restrictions into account. You’ll find raw, cooked, vegetarian, gluten free, bacon and chicken in our dishes. These options allow the appeal of sushi to so many who haven’t tried it before.

In addition to ingredient variations, California Rollin’s sushi showcases elaborate presentations. You’ll see a LOT of people taking pictures of their plates before diving in. Our chefs arrange colorful ingredients into fun and surprising patterns, making our dishes a delight at your table.

The rise and fusion of sushi here in Rochester and across the country has led to the emergence of specialty rolls named after cities, celebrities, or cultural references, further intertwining sushi with American culture. Among many others are the California roll, Alaska roll and Philadelphia roll. Each of these have become some of our most popular sushi rolls over the years.

While Americanized sushi offers a departure from tradition, it also sparks debates among sushi purists. Some argue for the preservation of authentic Japanese techniques. Thankfully, there are some establishments around who maintain those traditions and keep that art of sushi alive. But the evolution of sushi in America illustrates the dynamic nature of culinary traditions. Your dining is YOUR experience to savor! At California Rollin’ we’ve adapted and thrived in the new cultural landscapes. Americanized sushi stands as a testament to the creative fusion of culinary influences, celebrating both tradition and innovation on your plate, here in Rochester!


Best sushi I ever had. My daughter got the Philadelphia Roll with salmon and I got a spicy tempura shrimp roll with coconut. Just fabulous. My husband got the Fish Fry which was a huge and thick piece of fish breaded with an awesome crunchy crust. The fries were also great. Highly recommend! Beautiful location by Charlotte pier on Lake Ontario.

MiniJellal (MKS)

My favorite sushi roll is the Rochester Roll, and the crab rangoon.


My wife and I came for the live music, 52nd Street Experience. Excellent tribute to Billy Joel. Chris Prime IS Billy Joel! Outdoor patio seating on a beautiful sunny day. Great food and service. Located right at/in the Port of Rochester building on the Genesee River.

Roger Reddy

The food was delicious! The live band kept the crowd going and cheering. Our serves were awesome and always a smile and helped whenever needed. Would definitely return!

Takierra E.

Decided on California Rollin II after deliberating over 7 other places, and it was so worth it! Anthony absolutely finessed our sushi, and I devoured my plate. This only solidified that this is my favorite sushi spot in Rochester. Fantastic job!


Alex Parris

Visit us to enjoy Rochester’s best lakeside restaurant! Locals and visitors alike, enjoy our diverse menu including Sushi, Fish Fry and and more. California Rollin’s lakeside restaurant is ready to serve you! Live Music and Tiki Bar outside are a must-see. Joins us and enjoy lunch and dinner lakeside, near Charlotte in Rochester NY.

Sushi has a long and interesting history. While there are some parts that are still hotly debated among purists, it really is a delicious story. Learn a little more about Sushi Nigri, Sushi Tempura, Sushi Sashimi and Sushi Urakami, right here. And visit us at Rochester’s Best Lakeside Restaurant to enjoy them in-person.



California Rollin’ II is known as one of the first restaurants to “Americanize” sushi to make it more tantalizing to the taste buds of Americans. Rochester’s Best Lakeside Restaurant, California Rollin’ II ensures the freshness and quality of the food that we create. It gives us great pleasure to know that our sushi is an experience not only for your taste buds, but eyes and tummy, too! If you’re a sushi fan looking to savor every mouthful of life, then dive into the deep blue ocean of love at California Rollin’ II! Yeah!

Monday: 5pm - 9pm
Tuesday: 5pm - 9pm
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Thursday: 4pm - 10pm
Friday: 1pm -10pm
Saturday: 1pm -10pm
Sunday: Noon - 8pm
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