Embrace & Enjoy Americanized Sushi

Americanized sushi has truly become a culinary phenomenon in Rochester, NY. At California Rollin’ we blend traditional Japanese sushi styles with American tastes and ingredients. The art of this creative fusion offers a style of cuisine that’s second-to-none! These flavors appeal to a wide range of tastes from young children to adults. California Rollin’ is so proud of our chefs for their talents in adapting Japanese Sushi “Food Art” to the American palette. These sushi textures and flavors reflect America’s famous cultural melting pot. Right here in Rochester, there are so many options and we enjoy serving our customers Rochester’s Favorite Sushi, at California Rollin’.

Monday: 5pm - 9pm
Tuesday: 5pm - 9pm
Wednesday: 5pm - 9pm
Thursday: 4pm - 10pm
Friday: 1pm -10pm
Saturday: 1pm -10pm
Sunday: Noon - 8pm
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