Feedback at Rochester's favorite lakeside restaurant

2024sat27jul6:00 pmsat9:00 pmFeedback at Rochester's favorite lakeside restaurant

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Rochester’s favorite lakeside restaurant, California Rollin hosts the band Feedback!  This high energy 5-piece band features the dynamic lead vocals of Vernette Hill. Playing everything from classic rock, blues, and Motown, to country and modern hits, Feedback is sure to get the crowd going. This band is a crowd-pleaser everywhere they play. They have opened for such national acts as Eddie Money, Rik Emmett (of Triumph) and Steve Augeri (of Journey). Learn more here.

Enjoy live music at California Rollin on the outdoor stage. As Rochester’s favorite lakeside restaurant in Rochester, NY. we serve linch, dinner, Sushi, and especially at the Tiki Bar! We’re lakeside and ready to serve you! We’ll see you at 1000 N River St #123, Rochester, NY 14612 

Nigri: Served as a delicate sushi rice ball, topped with a thin slice of fish. Nigri is frequently but not always served raw. Whether served with shellfish, fish or other toppings, Nigri is often ordered by those who enjoy the full flavor of the fish with which its paired.

Tempura: Tempura sushi is a favorite for many who are new to sushi. Since tempura contains no raw fish, many find this a more attractive “first try”. Tempura is also deep fried.

Sashimi: Sashimi is served as thin-sliced fish or shellfish only. No rice.

Uramaki: While many other sushi rolls are prepared with rolled rice and seaweed on the exterior, Uramaki often has seaweed as part of the roll interior and rice as the final layer.

In fact, the rise and fusion of sushi here in Rochester (and across the country) has led to the emergence of specialty rolls named after cities, celebrities, or cultural references, further intertwining sushi with American culture. Among many others are the California roll, Alaska roll and Philadelphia roll. Each of these have become some of our most popular sushi rolls over the years. Americanized sushi stands as a testament to the creative fusion of culinary influences, celebrating both tradition and innovation on your plate! Check out our menu and join us at Rochester’s favorite lakeside restaurant. Follow up for seasonal specials and events and California Rollin on Facebook and Instagram!



July 27, 2024 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm